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Website Design

Website Design is one of the key elements which are required to build the communication with the consumers of brand or services of the company.

You are a business owner or individual who wants to talk about their abilities or skills. This is the right step! You need an information resource. To get the most return of the site, we offer you to pass with us the following steps: to define . . . >>

The development of online shops

You have already made an important step once when you created a store. Or you decided to create a web resource that will be engaged in sale. The most important thing is that you have already decided to do electronic commerce. We feel this step is right! Since many traders have already taken a step in the direction of electronic commerce recently.

Customers are also pleased with such . . . >>

Website Supporting

You do not have enough time for the site, and then you think that business should work, and technical part should be for IT-specialists?

We will help you. All rights to the site is up to you, and we will provide support services of the site (s) and the online store (s), will help to fill the online store with goods. If necessary, we can also assist in product’s photography. . . . >>

Development and Programming

Are there any problems at your company which cannot be solved by your software? Possibly it is necessary to extend the functionality? You do not have a programmer, and you want to automate your business processes. We offer you a way out of this situation - put the task to develop specialized software or equipment to meet specific needs of the company and for specific business tasks. We will . . . >>


For any business IT sphere is the heart of the system. At a certain stage of business development manager starts caring about the choice of the path of the enterprise informatization. A key question is how to spend money resource for informatization to establish normal process of business informatization. This question is not really simple, as it must take into account the many diverse . . . >>

Installation and Configuration

It is good when the computer works in a proper way. But without installation of new software or updating the old one, it may become a potential problem in your security system. You can invite friends who install software for the company, but then what? Sometimes it is necessary to tune the operating system or software service and serve computers.

We offer you to use our services for . . . >>

Web - Analytics

Web-analytics is young industry, not only in the countries of the former Soviet Union, but also in the whole world. It includes the measurement, collection, analysis, presentation and interpretation of information about visitors of websites for improvement and optimization. The basic aim of web analytics is to monitor the traffic to the website, on the basis of which it is determined the web . . . >>

IT-systems support

Information systems, local networks, workstations require maintenance. We offer you technical support network of computer and office equipment.

We provide permanent technical maintenance and support of information systems, emergency renewal of the equipment and data.

Within the information systems support, we provide the following services:

  • Network Administration; . . . >>