Donbass-Team is a young and energetic team. We set high goals and always try to achieve them. Do not try to look for the correspondence between the name and the geolocation. We are open to cooperate with everybody. We appreciate every customer. And try corresponding to the slogan "The ability will be proved by business".

Our main line - is the sphere of information technologies. We are able to do everything: to construct a network, to tune in the server, to restore the data of a broken database, create a website, to construct an information system and just to advise you. It is possible to learn more about this information in the issue “Service”.

We want not just to realize your tasks, but to implement the task so that it benefits you and your business! We want to make this world better. We like to be useful for people! Would you like to see the world in other way? To have no problem, in the IT sphere of your business? The answer is simple – you should be one of our customers!